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Ever wonder what to call a group of several budgerigars? That is called a chatter of budgerigars. Oh, you don't know what a budgerigar is? That is a small Australian parrot (Melopsittacus undulatus) usually light green with black and yellow markings in the wild, but bred under domestication in many colors (ref. Webster's Dictionary). I am sure that you will find a few gems in the following list.

Due to the large amount of data we recommend that you use landscape format to print this webpage.

Note that some of the terminology might be regional.

animal male female young collective sound
Alpaca macho, wether(neut) hombre cria, tui    
Ant male ant queen, worker(nr) larva, antling colony, swarm, army, nest, state  
Antelope ram ewe calf, fawn, kid, yearling herd  
Ape       shrewdness gibber
Ass, burro, donkey jack, jackass, gelding(neut), john(neut), ass(neut) jenny, jennet foal herd, pace, drove bray
Bacteria       culture  
Badger boar sow kit, cub cete  
Bass       shoal  
Bat male female pup colony  
Bear boar, he-bear sow, she-bear cub sleuth, sloth  
Beaver boar sow kit, kitten colony, family  
Bee drone queen, queen bee, worker(nr) larva swarm, grist, hive, cluster, nest, erst  
Beetle         drone
animal male female young collective sound
Bird (general)     fledgling, nestling flock, congregation, flight, dissimulation, volary(?), volery(?) sing
Bittern       siege  
Blackbird         whistle
Buffalo bull cow calf, yearling, spike-bull herd, troop, gang  
Butterfly male female larva, caterpillar flutter, swarm, army (of caterpillar)  
Camel bull cow calf, colt flock, train, caravan  
Caribou bull, stag, hart cow, doe calf, fawn herd  
Cat tom, tomcat, boarcat, ramcat, gib(neut) , gibcat(neut) queen, tabby, grmalkin, malkin, pussy pussy, kit, kitten, catling, kitling, kitty, clowder or clutter (of cats), kindle or kendle (of kittens) meow, mew, purr, caterwal, swear
Cattle bull, steer(neut), ox(neut), stag(neut), bullock(Eng,neut) cow (>2yrs, had calf), heifer (<2yrs) calf, stot, yearling, bullcalf, heifer herd, drove, kine bellow (bull), moo, low, bawl (cow), bleat, bawl (calf)
animal male female young collective sound
Chicken rooster, cock, stag, chanticleer, capon (neut.) hen, partlet, biddy chick (very young), broiler (ready for market), chicken, poult, cockerel(m), pullet(f), pollute(Eng,f) brood, peep, flock, run, clutch, chattering crow (cock), peep, cackle
Clam       bed  
Cobra       quiver  
Codfish     codling, sprat    
Coot       cover, covert  
Coyote dog bitch pup, whelp pack, band  
Crane       herd, sedge, siege  
Crocodile       float  
Crow cock hen chick murder, horde caw
Cuckoo         cuckoo
Curlew       herd  
Deer buck, stag(Eng/neut), cactus buck(neut) doe, hind(Eng) fawn, yearling herd, leash bell
animal male female young collective sound
Dog, hound sire, stud bitch pup, puppy, whelp pack (of dogs), cry, mute (of hounds), leash (of greyhounds) bark, basy, howl, yelp, snarl, woof, arf
Dolphin       pod click
Dove       flight, dule, pitying (of turtledoves) coo, moan
Duck drake, stag, capon(neut) duck, hen duckling, cockerel, flapper flock, brace, team, paddling, raft, bed, flight quack
Eagle male female eaglet, fledgling convocation scream
Eel     elver    
Elephant bull cow calf herd trumpet
Elephant seal     weaner pod  
Elk bull cow calf herd, gang  
Emu       mob  
Falcon       cast chant
Ferret buck, hob, dog bitch, jill, doe kit business, fesnyng(?)  
animal male female young collective sound
Finch       charm  
Fish (general)     fry school, shoal, run, haul, catch, drought, draught  
Flamingo       stand  
Fly       swarm buzz
Fox fox, dog vixen cub, pub, kit skulk, leash, family, cloud, troop bark, yelp
Frog     polliwog, tadpole army, colony croak
Giraffe bull cow calf herd, corps, troop bleat, grunt
Gnat       swarm, cloud, horde  
Goat ram, billy, wether(neut), wither(Eng), buck, billie, billy-goat, he-goat doe, nanny, she-goat, nannie, nanny goat kid tribe, trip, flock, herd  
Goose gander, stag goose, dame gosling, goruse, cheeper, cockerel(m) gaggle, flock, skein (in flight), plump (on water) cackle, hiss, honk
Gorilla       band  
animal male female young collective sound
Grasshopper         chirp, pitter
Grouse     cheeper   drum
Guinea Fowl cock, capon(neut) hen keet, cockerel(m) flock cry
Guinea Pig, cavy boar sow   herd squeak, whistle
Gull         squawk
Hare       down, husk squeak
Hawk tiercel hen eyas cast, kettle scram
Heron       hedge, siege, sedge  
Hippopotamus     calf   bray, snort
Horse stallion, stud, gilding (neut), stag, horse, stud mare (>2yrs), dam foal, yearling, colt(m), stot, stag, filly (<2yrs,f), hog-colt, hogget horras(?), harras(?), haras(?), stable, remuda, herd, string, field, set, pair, team, string (of ponies) neigh, whinny
Human male female child population, nation, group, couple, pair unlimited vocabulary
Hummingbird       charm  
animal male female young collective sound
Hyena         laugh
Jackrabbit buck doe bunny husk, dray  
Jay       party chatter
Jellyfish       smack  
Kangaroo buck, boomer doe joey mob, troop, herd  
Lapwing       desert  
Lark       exaltation, ascension  
Leopard leopard leopardess cub leap, leep  
Lion lion, tom lioness, she-lion cub, whelp, lionet pride, troop, flock, sawt, souse roar, growl
Llama gelding(neut)   cria    
Locust       plague  
Lobster   hen      
Loon         howl
Mackerel     blinker, tinker, spike    
Magpie       tiding chatter
Mallard       sord  
Marten       richness  
animal male female young collective sound
Mink buck, hob, dog bitch, jill, doe      
Mole       labor  
Monkey       troup chatter, gibber
Moose bull cow calf herd  
Mouse         squeak, squeal
Mule jack, ass(neut) jennet, jenny   brace, barren, span  
Nightingale       watch pipe, warble, jug-jug
Otter buck, hog, dog bitch, jill, doe      
Owl     owlet parliament hoot, screech, wail
Oxen       herd, yoke, team, drove low, bellow
Oyster       bed  
Parrot       company talk
Partridge cock hen cheeper covey  
Peafowl peacock peahen   ostentation, muster scream
animal male female young collective sound
Penguin     baby   bleat (baby)
Peregrine Falcon tiercel falcon      
Pheasant       nide, nye, bouquet, nest  
Pigeon     squab, squeaker flock, flight coo
Plover       congregation  
Pronghorn buck doe fawn herd  
Quail cock hen cheeper, chick, squealer covey, bevy  
Racoon         chatter
Rabbit     bunny, kit, kitten herd, nest (of bunnies)  
Rat     pup pack, swarm  
Rattlesnake       rhumba  
Raven       conspiracy, unkindness(?) croak
Reindeer buck doe fawn herd  
Rhinocerus     calf crash snort, grunt, growl, whistle
animal male female young collective sound
Salmon     parr, smolt, grilse    
Sandpiper         pipe, whistle
Seal, sealion bull cow signet, whelp, pup, cub, bachelor herd, pod, trip, rookery, harem  
Sheep ram, wether(neut), buck, male sheep, mutton ewe, dam lamb, lambkin, shearling, yearling, cosset, hog flock, drove, hirsel, trip, pack baa, bleat
Snake male female snakelet nest, pit hiss
Snipe       walk, wisp  
Squirrel buck doe pup, kitten dray  
Sparrow       host chirp
Starling       murmuration  
Stork       mustering  
Swallow       flight titter
Swan cob pen cygnet ballet, herd, bevy, lamentation, wedge, team, bank crey, hiss, grunt, bark
animal male female young collective sound
Swine, pig boar, barrow(neut), stag(neut) sow pig, piglet, suckling, shoat(m), gilt(f), trotter, farrow sounder, sty, drift, herd, passel, parcel, trip (litter of pigs) grunt, squeak, squeal
Teal       spring  
Termite king queen nymph colony, nest, swarm, brood  
Thrushes         whistle
Toad male female tadpole knot  
Tiger         growl, roar
Tortoise         grunt
Trout       hover  
(Wild) Turkey tom, gobbler, stag, capon(neut) hen hatchling, keet, poult, cockerel rafter, raft gobble
Turtle       bale  
Walrus bull cow cub pod, herd  
Whale bull cow calf school, gam, pod, herd  
Wigeon       company  
Wild Fowl (general)     flapper    
Wolf dog bitch pup pack, route, herd howl
animal male female young collective sound
Woodcock       fall  
Woodpecker       descent  
Zebra stallion mare colt, foal herd  



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