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top prev next bottom Garden Gate -- 61 hours -- Can$ 498.00 -- Beginner

As we planned to raise the fence around our vegetable yard to keep the deer out, we also needed a gate. The New Yankee Workshop just happen to have a plan for a great looking garden gateway that also was the exact size we needed. A bit expensive, because we used red cedar. The reason being that it is very durable and light; especially when you consider handling 8 feet long 6"x6" material alone. And then I love the smell of cedar.

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Click on a picture to get a larger picture and then used the back button of the browser to return.

garden gate -- part of the plan
Part of the plan
garden gate -- raw material
Raw material
garden gate -- ripped and surface planed
Ripped and surface planed
garden gate -- top dry-fitted
Top dry-fitted
garden gate -- sanding gateway arch
Sanding gateway arch
garden gate -- outer gateway assembled
Outer gateway assembled
garden gate -- gateway finished
Gateway finished
garden gate -- gate assembled
Gate assembled
garden gate -- gate cross brace glued
Gate cross brace glued
garden gate -- finished
Construction finished
garden gate -- placed at the vegetable yard
Gate placed at the vegetable yard

top prev next bottom Plans, Drawings, Sketches (inches)

The plan is taken from the New Yankee Workshop, plan #9061, Garden Gateway. You can order the plan with a video of the project. I did not order the video as I am used to the clear plans of Norm Abram.

The two end sections for the gate arch are indicated as 18" on the inside measurement. I found that that is too long and that 15" is more than enough.

The cross braces are taken from an 8ft long 2"x6". For one cross brace a length of 53" is required. Hence, not enough is left over out of 8ft for the other cross brace. Just so you know.

top prev next bottom Materials List (inches)

No detailed material list, as that can be found on the plan. The plan recommended pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine, something that is no readily available here. We selected Red Cedar instead, as we used that already for various other outdoor projects.

The hardware we got from -- who else -- Lee Valley: 8" Pin Hinges (01S12.20) and the Self-Aligning Gate Latch (FG135) instead of the Twisted Ring Gate Latch that Norm Abram suggested.

top prev next bottom Required Tools

top prev next bottom Construction

Followed the instructions on the plan. This project had many challenges due to the size of the raw material and the limited size of the powertools.

At this point in time (13-Dec-2004) the construction is finished. In spring 2005 the garden gate will be placed outside and then treated with two coats of CWF-UV from Flood, with a Redwood colour, as we did for all our outdoor projects. At that time we will make the final photo.

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