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top prev next bottom Blue Shadow -- 209 hours -- US$ 110 -- Advanced

The Blue Shadow is a 1778 American Navy Brig with 12 guns. The model is from Mamoli kit MV22 and build to a scale of 1:64; height 69.5 cm, length 55 cm, width 34.5 cm. Originally estimated at 300 hours.

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top prev next bottom Plans, Drawings, Sketches (inches)

Mamoli kit MV22. It should be noted that the drawings and instructions do not always match the supplied materials. For example, according to the plans the stands for the lifeboat are plywood, but supplied are two nicely casted stands.

top prev next bottom Materials List (inches)

Mamoli kit MV22 comes complete with all fittings. It should be noted that most stock is barely enough, so don't waste anything. The 2mm and 3mm round stock for the yards was definitely not enough. 107 belaying pins are required, while only 75 were supplied. I ran out of the 0.25mm (thinnest) thread halfway drawing 6 and had to buy additional thread. The kit is also short of two 5x1 blocks and one 4x1 block.

A separate kit MV2203 with pre-sawn sails is available too.

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It looks like a very long project, but in the summer I do only yard work and in the winter I also do other woodworking projects. A true gauge is the number of accumulated hours. Now that I am retired progress will be better.

Some critical notes about the kit

Some final tips. Make sure that the masts are absolutely vertical and that the yards are perfectly horizontal. Check the yard(s) each time you attach threads to it, because once they are not horizontal you will have a hell of a time to level them again later. Trust me I got bitten at the end.

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Have also a look at other model building web sites.

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