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top prev next bottom Monster Truck -- 30 hours -- Can$ 22.00 -- Beginner

Never though that I would be making toys for a grandson, but here I am with my first attempt. As toys is not my woodworking field, I started with shopping at my favourite store: Lee Valley, and found a great book with plans for 12 great trucks.

The amount spent is approximate, as the material for this monster truck was taken from larger stock.

top prev next bottom Pictures

Click on a picture to get a larger picture and then used the back button of the browser to return.

monster truck -- book with 12 plans
Book with 12 plans
monster truck -- raw material
Raw material
monster truck -- sawn pieces
Sawn pieces
monster truck -- assembled pieces
Assembled pieces
monster truck -- mounted on frame
Mounted on frame
monster truck -- profile on wheels
Profile on wheels
monster truck -- wood work done
Wood work done
monster truck -- finished
monster truck -- Jesse using truck
Grandson, Jesse, puts the monster truck to good use by moving Christmas ornaments around.

top prev next bottom Plans, Drawings, Sketches (inches)

The plan is from a book by Les Neufeld, titled Tremendous Toy Trucks, with step-by-step instructions and plans for building 12 trucks. The book contains good, easy drawings. Very clear instructions that are written in a very pleasant style. Everythings is complemented with lots of very useful pictures. I can highly recommend this book.

top prev next bottom Materials List (inches)

No detailed material list, as you can find that in Les Neufeld's book. The book recommended black walnut for the wheels, purpleheart for the fenders and running board, and birch for the rest. Instead of birch I used ash. Why? Because.

top prev next bottom Required Tools

top prev next bottom Construction

See detailed instructions in the book. What is most amazing is that the construction requires only wood and glue. Not a single nail or screw is used!

I used the table saw method to cut the profiles of the tires; worked like a charm. Les Neufeld makes heavy use of a disk sander, but I don't have one and had to rely on my drum sander in the drill press and wood files.

Some critical notes on Neufeld's book

top prev next bottom References

Tremendous Toy Trucks; Les Neufeld; The Taunton Press; ISBN 1-56158-399-5; 2001.

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