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Pieter A.C.A. van Vliet has the copyright© to the content of all the Dempsey Woodworking pages. However, you are allowed to use the information to do an identical or similar woodworking project, provided you don't use it for commercial purposes. The written permission is required from the copyrighter when the intended use of the information is for commercial purposes and/or financial gain. Material belonging to a 3rd party is explicitly indicated as such and the copyrighter does not hold the copyright to that.

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This is not a commercial site and the information on it is free. Although we do our best to give accurate information, we cannot be held responsible for any errors in the provided information, nor can we be held responsible for damage as a result from errors. We strongly recommend that you study the material for a project thoroughly and verify all measurements provided to ensure that there are no nasty surprises.

When you do find an error then we like to hear from you so that we can correct our information. We wish you many happy hours making saw dust.

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