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Layout, lighting, power points, power tools, hand tools, general material, storage, and dust collection. There are lots of good books and articles in woodworking magazine explaining what a good woodworking shop should look like and what should be in it. As far as I am concerned a lot depends on the space you have available, what kind of projects are you going to tackle and which power tools are you using the most. It is always a matter of compromise. For example, when I started I had an empty space and installed all the lights and power points I would ever need. Yeah, right. Let me tell you, you have never enough power points and they are never in the right position.

workshop layout

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Table saw Delta 10" heavy duty construction saw
model 36-320C; 15 Amp, 120V, 3600 RPM
with General T saw fence and
JessEm precision miter gauge
Jointer General 6" deluxe jointer
model 80-100LM1; 3 knives; 14 Amp, 110V, 4800 RPM
with General universal mobile base model 50-025
Planer Delta 12" x 5.9" portable planer with stand
model 22-540; 2 knives; 15 Amp, 120V, 8000 RPM
Miter saw DeWalt 10" Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw
model DW717; 15 Amp, 120V, 4000 RPM
with DW7187 Miter Saw Laser System installed
Band saw Delta 12" band saw
model 28-190C; 7.6 Amp, 115V, 1725 RPM
Scroll saw Delta 16" scroll saw (5" blades)
model 40-540C; 2.0 Amp, 115V, 400-1800 RPM variable
Drill Press Delta 12" bench drill press
model 11-990C; 6 Amp, 120V; 620/1100/1720/2340/3100 RPM
Belt/Disc Sander Delta 6" belt/9" disc sander
model 31-695; 10 Amp, 120V, 3450 RPM
Delta 1" belt/5" disc sander
model 31-080C; 2.6 Amp, 120V, 3450 RPM
Grinder Delta 8" bench grinder
model 23-881; 6 Amp, 120V, 3500 RPM
Lathe General 12" Variable Speed Maxi-Lathe
Spindle 300-900, 600-1800, 1200-3600 RPM
model 25-200M1; 8 Amp, 110V, 2500 RPM

top prev next bottom Hand Power Tools (28-Jan-2010)

Circular Saw Skill 7¼" Heavy Duty Circular Saw
model HD5575; 13Amp, 120V, 5500RPM
Router Bosch Plunge Router
model 1613EVS; 11 Amp, 115V, 12000-22000 RPM
Bosch Plunge & Fixed base
model 1617EVSPK; 12 Amp, 120V, 8000-25000RPM
Hand Drill Bosch Drill
model 1021VSR; A4.8mp, 115V, 0-1,100 RPM
Sander Bosch 3" Belt Sander
model 1274DVS; 6.6 Amp, 120V, 550-1100 ft/min
Bosch 5" Random Orbit Sander
model 3107DVS; 3.3 Amp, 115V, 4500-13000 RPM
Biscuit Jointer House of Tools #0, #10 #20 Biscuit Jointer
model J-200; 6 Amp, 120V, 10000 RPM
Brad Nailer Mastercraft 5/8" to 2" (18-gauge) Electric Brad Nailer
model 57-7900-2; 9 Amp, 120V

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Dovetailing Jig Leigh 24" Dovetailing Jig D4, inch model
Mortise & Tenon Jig Leigh Frame Mortise & Tenon Jig; makes mortises/tenons from 1/16" x 1/8" to 1/2" x 2-1/2"
Doweling Jig General 840 Doweling Jig; dowel sizes 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16" and 1/2"

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Measuring tapes/rulers, squares, compass, calipers, hammers, pliers, screw drivers, wrenches, saws, rasp/files, chisels, carving knives, scrapers, clamps, router bits, drill bits, etc..

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